About Radia

Giving you a curated bird's-eye view of the local happenings in your favorite city

Crowdsourced by New Yorkers, for New Yorkers.

New York City skyline
Our mission is to drive people to physical experiences and usher in a local arts renaissance.

We believe in physical connection

In an increasing digital world, we believe a core part of what it means to be human is contact with the physical. That includes real experiences with others at locations in the real world. We strive to be the antidote to the isolation and depression brought on by modern social media platforms. There's an entire world of awe-inspiring places and events, you just need to know where they are first.

We support creative power

We want to enable individuals to express themselves in the most authentic and human way. Whether you are a performer sharing your craft on a local stage or someone who craves attending these experiences, our aim is to help you find a place to let your creative potential and individuality out to the world. Then you can amplify your reach through Radia.

We strive for less noise

The volume of information and data captured on the web and our personal devices is growing exponentially. It is becoming increasingly hard to separate the signal from the noise. Ease and simplicity of data access through smart aggregation and design is the core problem that drives us to create the most useful and delightful product experience possible. Less noise means more room to be human.